Stowed-ton Adventures

9/16/17 - Thirteenth Session

Side questing and too many espresso martinis


The group started up by interrogating the last ogre that was left over from the battle. He didnt have many details to offer the group, but Galthetes though it might be fun to ride him into battle. The ogre agreed to allow him self to be chained up to the cart and help pull everyone around, and when Galthetes wanted to, he could use him as a battle mount. 

The group then continued on their way along the path and came across a wandering merchant who was traveling with some mercenaries. Gob sense that a wand of his was magical and created magical items. The group wanted it and debated if they should kill him for it or do an actual trade for it. After a bunch of back and forth the group decided to do a trade and gave him a dragon head, heart, and 200 gold in return for the wand. The merchant happy with the trade traveled off. The group excited to see how this new wand worked tried it out. It instantly created a new magical wand and the old wand died. The group tried it again and the same thing happened. The group had gotten a wand of magic wand creation. the group was PISSEDDDDDDD. They decided to turn their cart around and go hunt down this merchant. 

The tracked him all the way into the near by woods, until they found a place where the trails split into three. The group sense where some humanoids were and decided to go that way. They found a lone monastery out in the woods. The people living in there claimed to be of the enclave. Fox got really excited about this and they had a long ass pow wow and talked for a while. About what I have no idea but i am sure it was important and Fox can give you all the details. 

The group, now really pissed off, decided to just head back along to their original destination. There they found the harper contact that Gob was supposed to meet. The contact showed Gob his network of teleportation devices that would allow easier travel for the group around the map. This was actually pretty awesome and would become very helpful.

Next the group headed up to where Fox was supposed to get her bow. We couldnt find the guy with the bow, but found out he traveled to another city that our new teleportation system could get us to instantly. We got to that city and Fox using her bad ass investigation skills found the house of the guy she was after. Inside she found her nice new bow and 1000 gold.

After that the group returned to Cragmaw castle and gave Frank the 10,000 gold in black mail money the group had stolen from the trust fund brothers. That will bring them much closer to their goal of rebuilding the castle. The group then went back to triboar and then continued north.

The group went to the place where Alloras assassin was supposed to be. Out of no where she started to get hurt badly by wind. The group could not see the invisible enemy. Krangor started swinging wildly and was able to hit the cloaked assassin. He ran away and the group healed up their wounds. Melfias was dumb and forgot to use fairie fire to make invisible enemies into focus.

The group packed up their shit and ran away as well. They went up to help Krangor with his friends quest. There they found the wanted dwarf. Krangor used zone of truth on him and interrogated him to confirm he was in fact the dwarf from the wanted posted. He used hold person on the dwarf and tied him up. The group then dragged him to the local authorities. The group was given 5,000 gold as an award!

Somewhere along the way Gus got a new flying cat as a pet. Also, we tried to communicate with the flying castle by saying that we had Fox here with us. They sent us back a message that was written in gibberish. We learned a ton about the history of giants and the pecking order and how they dictate who has power.

It was at this time that your unscrupulous author began to feel the affects of the martinis and went and threw up. He did make it to a toilet and did throw up on purpose, and it was a good thing he did as it helped him greatly the next morning. Fox was also passed out by this time. Melfias went and snuggled up next to Fox and both went to sleep prematurely ending the session. This was the best and worst session we have ever had. There are many details I am missing from this recap. Also, we got to see Allora dance on you tube that was great. And we debated if 4 people are having sex is it a 4some or an orgy. The world may never know.



Kavvo tony588

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