Stowed-ton Adventures

Seventh Session - 6/15/17

Forge of Souls and Flaming Skull

The group began todays session in the room where they destroyed the wizard wraith. Some of the members were exhausted and wanted to take a short rest. After some debate the rest happened but not before a group of mosquitoes came and tried to feast on the blood of the party. The group were ready to stab the shit out of these silly useless bugs.

The group used their ranged attacks to take them out one by one. Galthetes was able to line up a perfect shot and took two out with one arrow. Krangor layed in wait to react to any that came to close to the group and smashed one to pieces when it ventured too near. Slowly the group whittled down their numbers, but one was able to bite Fox. Luckily her trusty companion, Pantherny, plucked it off and crushed it beneath its paws. The group eventually killed the rest of them with relative ease. Fox could feel a tingling sensation where she was bitten and knew that the bite could eventually lead to a disease. Krangor put his hands all over Fox and made the disease go away cause he has that magic touch. 

The group finally were able to take their short rest and heal up. Gob used an illusion at the doorway to make it look like a wall so the group couldn't be detected while they rested. At the end of their rest they then continued on to the next room where they could feel a very powerful presence behind the door. They also could sense a very powerful undead. 

Inside the room they found what looked like a giant blob head with eye balls. The group went up to talk to it as they realized it was a spectator and they hoped to reason with it. Melfias began to talk to it about what it was doing in this area. He mentioned that he had a contract to watch the forge of spells and was hired by some dwarves. Melfias and Krangor began telling the spectator that they were given permission to go into the forge by those dwarves and showed them a dwarven sigil as proof. The spectator bought into their lies and disappeared allowing them safe passage into the forge.

Inside the room they found a brazier with a green magical flame. After investigating it they discovered that it was a flame that could improve the quality of their items. Galthetes took peoples weapons one by one and placed them into the forge to make them stronger. The rest of the group searched the room and found a magical breastplate and cutlass. Gob used his identification ritual and discovered that he found a dragon scale breast plate and a sun cutlass of Lathander! Gob took the breast plate as he was the most frail of the group and could use the added defense and Galthetes of coarse took the cutlass even though it was a sword representing Melfias' main squeeze of a god. The group rejoined…. but not for long, cause soon after they could hear a bunch of assholes outside the door demanding that we come out. The group prepared for battle.

The group readied attacks for the first people that stuck their head through the front door. Sadly, the group of enemies appeared through the back door. Gob tried to make an illusion of the spectator demanding that they not intrude, but the bugbears were not fooled and started their assault. They quickly ran in and surrounded Melfias and he took some damage. Two spiders were found to be crawling on the ceiling and they spit webbing at Krangor and Galthetes but luckily missed. Gob placed a grease spell on the wall making one of the spiders come crashing down to the ground. The group then began to swarm the enemies. Krangor ran up next to Melfias to guard him and get any free hits he could when they attempted to attack Melfias. Allora started jumping around sneak attacking bitches like a pro. Fox and Pantherny used team work to shoot and claw fuckers. Galthetes got to use his fancy new sword and cut down many people. Melfias made fun of people and made them feel bad. It was sorta effective. Soon after, they were left with only one bug bear who was attempting to run away. Little did they know Pantherny is a fucking panther and is fucking fast. Also, Allora is a fucking rogue and is also fast. Both caught up to the poor guy ready to kill him. Melfias instead demanded the guy drop his weapons and give up if he wanted to live. He agreed and the fight was over.

The group began to interrogate the bugbear and got some locations on the map and were told of some things to look out for in the caverns. After that Melfias bestowed the greatest gift a member of the Vorpal Blades can give to an enemy. He cut off his head and added his head into our fancy bag of holding. The group then continued to the next room.

The group proceeded down the path to the next room in a 1×2 × 2 x 2 formation with Sildar out front cause fuck that guy. in the next room that saw a large furnace that looked like it had not been used for many years. Above that, they saw a floating skull covered in green flame. Knowing it was scary and undead Fox got ready to shoot an arrow at its face, but the green skull now dubbed "Total Fuckwad Johnson" shot the most bad ass fireball the group has ever seen right in their faces and man did it hurt. Melfias and Allora were thankfully able to dodge all damage. Fox was able to take half damage and Gob, Krangor, and Galthetes took the full brunt of the force of the fireball. Melfias used is cutting words to make the damage slightly less, but man did it still hurt. Gob dropped like a sack full of elephant poop. Krangor and Galthetes were at very limited health. To make things even better 8 zombies appear with the flaming skull to really ruin our day. It was time for the Vorpal Blades to step the fuck up. 

Since Fox was able to survive the blast she was able to get off her arrow that she shot, but it did very little damage to the green flaming skull. The rest of the group moved in to take on the zombies. Panthery ran in first and pounced on the first one he saw. Melfias threw a heal to Krangor and mocked the zombie's mothers to make them distracted. Allora, being the bad ass thief/healer that she is, was able to bring back up Gob and sneak attack a zombie by shanking it in the back. Glathetes ran into the heat of battle and started to slice the zombies up using his new glowing sword of holy awesome. Krangor even though injured, bravely went to the front lines and sliced and bashed zombies down while protecting his friends. Fox also ran up with her two short swords and began to stab the zombies as well. Gob casted a much needed bless on the group and then hid in a corner as to not die as he was holding on for dear life. 

Total Fuck wad Johnson had different plans for the group. He summoned a globe of fire that he used to slam into the group and give 3rd degree burns. He slammed it into Krangor and Fox. Krangor was on the precipitous of death while Fox would have died, but used her absorb elements spell to negate some of the damage and power up her next attack with fire magic. As the group dwindled down the Zombie horde numbers the groups focus began to turn to Total Fuckwad Johnson!

Melfias began to conjure a phantasmal force of an ice net to force the flaming flying skull to the ground so the rest of the group could reach it. The rest of the group had different plans. The flaming skull was hiding behind a 20 ft high forge which the group climbed up to get the high ground. Krangor ran behind the forge to find the exact location of the flaming skull and got near him so he couldnt run away. Fox and Pantherny rushed up to the top of the forge ready to jump down an attack but they would be to slow for we had a pro climber in Allora. Allora being a bad ass thief easily climbed the side of the forge, ran across the roof, high jumped into the air, did a triple axel in the air, and slammed her sword onto the flaming skull and drove him to the ground. At ground level Krangor and and Galthetes were waiting to end Mr Total Fuckwad Johnsons life. Krangor slashed and bashed it with his halberd, while Galthetes used all his adrenaline and slammed it twice with his holy sword of death. Mr Total fuckwad Johnson was no more… or was he? 

After killing the flaming skull the group could still feel a magical presence inside the skull. They began to try and crush it as much as possible and came up with all kids of ways to permanently kill Mr Johnson. Melfias then remember that holy water can permanently kill undead and luckily for us, Allora had one more bottle of holy water left. She splashed it on him and the last flick of flame in the skulls eyes went dead. The group had destroyed Mr Total Fuckwad Johnson, but at a heavy cost to their life force.  

The group rejoiced and began to explore the room they were in. Melfias went inside the non-active furnace and checked for any goodies and found some platinum beads! Maybe he can put them on a string and have some great fun with some classy escorts with the beads later. The group exhausted wanted to find a place to rest and ended the night.



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