Stowed-ton Adventures

Sixth Session - 6/9/17

Wave Cave Echo and Shia!!

Warning: Melfias was very drunk during this session and so many details might be off and or missing. Feel free to let me know to add in anything.

The group opened up todays session by making final preparations in Stowedton before they left for wave cave echo. Allora got some sweet holy water cause you never know what you are going to find at the bottom of a dark cave.

The group first went to check in on Cragmaw castle as that was along the way to see how their best friends Frank and Droop were doing. Sadly, when they arrived at the castle they could see signs of battle and all they could hear was silence. They ran into the kitchen to find Frank barely holding on to dear life and a few of the goblin servants dead. The group inquired about Droop and Sildar. Droop had apparently gone off to visit his parents while Sildar was in a room nearby also grasping for life. The group healed both of them up.

The group also found out that Sildar and the Goblins encountered the Black Spider, a drow wizard of impeccable talent who was the one behind originally kidnapping Gundren and Sildar as well as taking the map to Wave Cave Echo. The Black Spider told the group to stay away from wave cave echo. The group said fuck that attempted to kill the wizard. After several blatant misses from the group, someone finally hit and found the wizard to be an illusion. After getting things back together the group set out to do the opposite of what the wizard asked cause that is basically who the Vorpal Blades are. A rag tag group of rule breakers.

With the group ready, they went and hit the road. Along the way a little girl looking very rough ran up to the group shouting for help. She said some evil force was attacking her village and pleaded for help. After some debate on whether it was worth it to help them the group decided fuck it and went to the village. There they talked to her family about the missing people from the village and were told that the monster was somewhere in the forest. The group ran over to the forest to investigate.

Upon reaching the forest, they discovered that it was covered in a giant static aura that would hurt anyone using metal of any kind. Seeing as how most of our group used metal armor and weapons that basically left Fox and her bad ass panther, Panthery, to go investigate! 

Fox slowly and stealthily entered the forest and started to search around until they finally found what looked like a beast man eating some bones. Fox and Panthery attempted to surprise attack the wild looking man and were able to cause some damage. The man then went and tried to attack Fox. Fox ran up a tree to get some space between him and the man and was able to shoot him with her arrows. Panthery also went and clawed the shit out of him. Eventually the beast man decided the fight was not going well and tried to run away. Also, when he did this the aura of static disappeared and the group was able to run into the forest to help out. 

The group followed the beast man to a clearing that had a cabin. The group surrounded the cabin and inside they saw what looked like a human sharpening an axe. Gob thought the best course of action would be to burn him out of the cabin so we could finish him off once he got outside. Allora agreed and threw an alchemist fire at the cabin as well. She then climbed up on the roof to do a sneak attack from above. The rest of the group blocked the doors and windows. The beast man ran out of the cabin where he was met by a slice of Galthetes sword. Allora then jumped from the roof with the full force of her swords and body and slammed them into his back for critical damage! Soon after the rest of the group went and decapitated him. With his dying breath the beast called out " Shia…. Surprise….!"

With an audible sound of gasp the group came to realized they had just killed Shia Labeouf an actual cannibal! The town rejoiced at his death and praised the group for their good deeds, except for Muriel Cleaves because the party decided to berate and slap her around for answers instead of being, like, totally nice to her since her son died and all. The group made a deal with the town that they would help with the construction of cragmaw fort.  With that the group left and ventured forward to Wave Cave Echo!

Warning: This is where the alch really hit and details get cloudy

Upon entering wave cave echo the group found the remains of a dead dwarf. He was Gundro’s brother, Nundro. The group checked the corpses for loot and found some boots of striding! They let Melfias have them as they would allow him to use heavy armor with no restrictions. The group saw a rope leading down deeper in to the cave and went on in. 

They started to explore many of the caverns of the cave but hit repeated dead ends. Eventually they followed the trail to a pool of dark water that the group was too afraid to jump into. Gob reached around with his mage hand and found a skeleton beneath the depths. Fearing what lay beneath, the group then decided to backtrack to the cavern they dropped in on and head East. They eventually found a door and inside was a room with a lock box. The lock box was much too hard to crack open at the time so they deiced to drag it with them. 

Next they went to a room right next door and were ambushed by a group of skeletons and the group kicked the shit out of them. How i am not totally sure but ya everything is dead and we are ok so we must have done well.

Next we found a room that was filled with poisonous fungi. we ran across to the other side after checking the room for a bit and finding nothing. In the next room we found the ghost of what looked like a wizard. Allora wanting to try out her new holy water threw a flask of it at his face. It hurt him pretty bad and the rest of the group got in on the action. They killed the old ghost wizard and took his treasure. At this time the group and esp Meflias were starting to get very tired and decided to call it a night.



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