Female Wood Elf Rogue


Lvl 2 rogue
steals everything
Always in the shadows


Allora was born in a woodland elf village. She was born to parents who did not care for her and she had to fend for her self most of the time. She realized very quickly that was a prodigy at deception and thievery. She stole her way through her formative years. One day orcs came and raided her home village and her parents were killed. This slightly saddened her as now she was truly alone, but in all honesty did not affect her life to much. She knew of fox since they were both from the same village, but they were not really friends. Allora decided after the raid to go put her talents to use and joined a local theives guild.

While there she was given many jobs of disguising her self, breaking into peoples homes, and stealing valuable items and trinkets for the guild. In her rookie class at the thieves guild was another half elf named Galthetes. Allora took a liking to him as he was very strong and a bit of an asshole which she kinda like as she was one as well. Galthetes did not trust Allora at all and blamed her for stealing stuff from him very often. Sometimes it was true, sometime it wasnt.

One day the leader of the theives guild, Theo, gave Allora the job of going to steal from a house she had never been to before. When she got there she realized that it was an orphanage. She had the tough choice of stealing from orphans or disobeying her boss. She decided to steal anyways. Afte doing the deed and returning the item to her boss she felt terrible. She also found out that soon after the orphange had run out of money and shut down, most likely due to her theft. She deiced to never steal from the poor and help again after that. She hated Theo for what he made her do. She left the thieves guild that day and became a mercenary.

While stealing from the orphanage Allora found inside the orphanages safe a piece of obsidian that was warm tot he touch. She did not know why, but she decided to keep it on her.

After leaving the thieves guild Allora heard about some people looking for mercenaries for work. She decided to head the call.


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