Female Wood Elf Ranger


Lvl 2 Ranger
Archery Bad Ass
Animal Lover


Fox was born in a woodland elf village that was raided by orcs when she was a young child. This was the same village that Allora was also from. Her parents were massacred during the raid, but she was able to escape with her grandfather. Her grandfather took her in to his home found high up int he hills near the forest. There her grandfather taught her the ways the ranger and nature. She soon found she had a great love for animals and they had a love for her. She hated killing any animal unless it truly needed to be done.

When she became the age of 18 she decide she wanted to go explore all that the natural world has to offer. She became a wandered learning about nature and its many beauties.

One day under a very rare flower she found a vial of nail clippings. She did not know why, but she decided to keep them

During her travels near Stowe-ton she saw a band of people guarding a wagon, including Allora who she knew form her past. She decided to help them out when she saw they were ambushed. She found out they were mercenaries helping bring supplies to a near by town. She decided she needed some adventure and to stick around.


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