Male Half Elf TWF Dex Fighter


Lvl 2 two weapon fighting dex based fighter
Only cares about him self
lovable dick once u get to know him


Galthetes was born to a mother who was an actual whore. He has no idea who his real father is. His mother did not care about Galthetes and he was basically considered an unwanted bastard. At a very young age of 6 he finally ran away from home and became a street urchin. While on the streets he became friends with another urchin named Krangor. Whenever things of Krangors would go missing he would always blame Gathetes for it even though Galthetes never stole from his friends. It really hurt Galthetes trust in others. He believed he could not trust anyone else if no one could trust him.

At the age of 8 he met another old urchin who had been living on the street for many years. This man was also addicted to fairy dust. He taught Galthetes the rules of the street and how to fight to protect him self and to use different weapons they found around the city. When he became 10 this man needed a fix of fairy dust, but had no money. When slavers came to visit the city the man tried to sell Galthetes to the slavers for money for his fix. Galthetes was able to escape before he was taken away, but again someone he trusted wronged him in the end.

Galthetes decided to take his talents to the local thieves guild. While there he was placed in the rookie class with Allora. He did not trust her at all as he was aware of her great thievery skills. They did build a bond as team mates though as they worked together very well.

At the age of 18 he went to visit his mother to get answers on his life. While there his mother gave him a handkerchief of an arch mage. He did not know what it meant, but he kept it as it may lead to clues of his birth.

Later, he heard about the many developments going on in Stowe-ton and dedicated it might be a great place to go and earn some extra money.


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