Female Half Elf Sorc


Lvl 2 Wild Magic Sorc
Book Worm
Burns shit up


Hermoine does not know where she came from or who her parents were. As a young child she was found in the middle of a forest that had been burned to ashes. She was found by an arch mage named, Snape. Snape took her into his school of magic where she would hopefully learn to control her wild magical powers. While there Hermoine found a love for books. She found great comfort in reading books. Books about anything she was a seeker or knowledge. When she turned 18 she decided she had learned enough from the school and had good control on her wild powers. She wanted to go out and find more knowledge by traveling the world.

After spending so much time in a magic library she deiced to she wanted to try out a library filled with books about religion and god. She went to a local monastery where they trained clerics, paladins, and monks. While there she her interactions with many people but three really stuck out. She made a great friend named Hillary. They spent many evenings together joking, talking about boys, and reading books about religious practices. She also met Donald. He was a man full of many deep convictions that disagreed with Hermoines. They butted head many times about how to interpret the will of the gods. She also met Krangor a paladin that just joined the ranks of the monastery after being an urchin the city streets. He was never educated , but did desire to read. Together they spent many nights reading books and trying to make Krangor more intelligent. They became friends and Krangor felt a kinship towards her, but he did not trust her.

One day while reading through some books Hermoine found a mysterious box of buttons. She did not know what they were for but felt compelled to keep them.

While with Krangor they heard some people needing help to try and develop stowed-ton. She knew of some great libraries in the area and decided to join Krangor and go help.


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