Male Half Elf Paladin


lvl 2 paladin
Feels urge to help weak and powerless
Bad Ass with a Polearm


Krangor parents never wanted Matt and left him in a dumpster as a child. He was wrapped up in a blanket with a family crest on it that Matt always kept with him. Matt learned to live on the street on his own. He did not get his first friends until he was 6 when he met Galthese, Tony, and Rognark. They were all street urchins that resided in the same area as Matt. Galthetes was a young boy that Krangor thought stole from him all the time. He never found out of this was true or not and one Galthetes up and disappeared to go on his own journey. Rognark was Krangors best friends and they went everywhere together. Tony used to pick on Krangor. He was the one that actually stole from Krangor and he used to push him into sewer water.

One day while exploring the city sewers with Rognark, they found a moldy old box filled with trinkets. There was a doll filled with needles and a jar filled with pink dust. Kragnor felt compelled to take the doll with needles and Rognark wanted the jar of pink dust. Krangor had second thoughts and tried to make a trade with Rognark, but then he had second thoughts and decided to keep his original item.

One day when Krangor was 10 slavers came to the city to find new people to sell. They went through the streets trying to steal children. Krangor was able to escape by running to a local orphanage They took him in and that is where Krangor grew up. At the age of 18 Krangor decided it was time for him to move on in life and try to pay what the orphanage to for him forward. He decided joining the local monastery and becoming a paladin would be the best path for him.

While at the monastery Kragnor took up the learning of the paladin and learned skills with polearm weapons. He also was very uneducated. While there he met a traveling sorceress named Hermoine. Hermoine took a liking to him and she taught Kragnor how to read and other basic education. Krangor appreciated this very much, but did not trust Hermoine fully as Krangor trusts almost no one. He did feel the urge to keep her protected though.

While at the monastery Krangor heard of a group of people needing mercenaries to help out a town known to have many people living on the streets. He decided to go help out as he hated to see children be poor and hopeless. Hermoine traveled along with him.


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