Male Half Elf Bard


Lvl 2 Bard
Pretty shitty at music even though got many lessons
Great face


Melfias was born into a noble family and has lived a pampered life. Growing up his parents put him in the best musical schools as at an early age because he showed a talent with instruments. While at school he became rivals with another student named, Matt. He also met another student who he became great friends with named Jimmy.

One day when he was around 18 a servant that worked at the house disrespected Melfias father. Melfias’ father decided that it was time for his son to dole out the punishment. Melifas stated that the servant should be locked in a room for a day with no food. Melfias’ father did not thin that was harsh enough and wanted to show the rest of the servants a lesson. He called in the entire house of servants to bear witness to the punishment. He killed the servant on the spot for its insubordination and to teach the rest a lesson. Melfias was disgusted with how his father had thrown away a human life. He vowed on that day to always treat people with respect no matter their status and wanted to help people and not be stuck living off them as a rich noble. The next day he told his family he was leaving his house to go find his place in the world and try to make it better using the power of his music.

When he was packing up to leave his house he felt something inside one of his instruments. Inside he found an idol. Since getting that Idol he sometimes has terrible nightmares. He feels the idol has some sort of power over him and he cant find the will power to get rid of it.

While traveling the land playing music and helping those he could, Melfias heard of a group of mercenaries that were attempting to help the near by town of Stowe-ton. He thought this was the perfect chance to help the less fortune and decided to join the group.


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